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We are a family led small business and our journey into beekeeping has been an exciting and fascinating one,


None of us realised how much there was to learn and that there would be so many highs and lows along the way! 

During this time one of our key challenges was how do we transport all the tools to and from the apiary and have them easily to hand without scrabbling around in the bottom of a bucket?


So early in 2020 (nothing like a lockdown to have time to think!) our son took about designing a purpose made toolbox to support this need... 1 year on and the Beekeepers toolbox is born!

And already inspections have just become a little more organised!

Bee Keeper Tool Box - Front Page 2.jpg

Smoker and frame are for demonstration purposes only

Beekeepers toolbox is designed and made in Britain and made from recycled plastic.

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