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Our custom made Magnetic Hive Tool Holder is the perfect accessory for any beekeeper. 


The magnetic feature ensures that your hive tool is always within reach during bee inspections. 


The compact design takes up minimal space and can easily attach to your beekeeping suit, jacket or regular trouser pocket.


This sturdy clip keeps the tool securely in place, even during the most active hive inspections. Simply pull the hive tool downwards to remove, open the hive/loosen a frame and snap it back in place when finished.


Don't let a misplaced hive tool slow you down - invest in your Magnetic Hive Tool Holder today.

Designed & Made in Britain!

Magnetic Hive Tool Holder | To help Beekeepers during inspections!

  • 3D Printed Clip

    Made from: PLA+ (&  Magnet)

    • H: 60 mm 
    • W: 37 mm 
    • D: 14 mm
  • This product contains a strong magnet.

    This product is not a toy, keep away from babies and young children.

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