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A compact and durable toolbox for beekeepers to easily transport all the essential tools to and from the apiary. 


This tough box is easy to clean to ensure critical hygiene levels can be maintained and at the end of the inspection provides somewhere safe to store your cleaned tools ready for the next time!


Fantastic for the hobbyist beekeeper, who understands the struggle of rummaging for the right tool just at the vital moment, this toolbox keeps all the tools to hand with its specially divided sections, even a hook for the smoker and for those with a standard national hive a unique designed frame holder for holding a frame during inspections or carrying a spare, or simply a great space for your beekeeping records, mobile, keys etc… You decide!


Why not buy one as a gift for someone just starting out.. be organised from the outset!


All accessories shown are for display purposes only

    The Beekeepers Toolbox

    • The Toolbox is British designed and manufactured.

      There are 3 Key Compartments to the Toolbox

      1. one small slim section to hold hand tools in place, this allows easy access to them when your hands are full.
      2. one unique section that holds a standard national frame (empty or with bees on!) / dummy board or simply a perfect place to place your beekeeping records or manual (we all need to have one at hand in the early days!) 
      3. one larger section, large enough to hold a box of disposable gloves, a tub for collecting spare wax/debris, and even room for a flask, car keys.. and anything else you may need to take with you! 

      and don't forget the smoker holder! 

      We try to be a environmentally friendly as possible;

      • The toolbox is made from recycled plastic
      • Delivered in recyclable cardboard box
      • Packaging material is also made from recycled cardboard boxes, which we recommend you save as this can be used for lighting your smoker.


      • This toolbox is not a toy and should only be use as intended
      • Maximum recommended weight load 6kg 
      • Whilst the box is heat resistant, do not leave the smoker lit whilst hooked on the toolbox


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